TID offer three training modules; the two listed below and a dedicated Biamp Nexia Programming session.

Please note, however, we would be happy to put together a session which is suited to individual requirements.

At present training is free and we structure it according to our clients requirements.



Product Orientation Training:

What you will gain from this session:

– A thorough knowledge of the product ranges for the following brands: Bose, Biamp, Beyerdynamic, Cloud, Bittner

– An understanding of new technologies that the above brands have adopted

– An over of tid’s other brands: Barix, CES, Procab, Apart Audio

– A kickstart into networked audio systems & avb

– An understanding of TID’s unique business plans and strategies

– Opportunity to interact with our staff and discuss any of your projects and designs

– Learn the secret to designing the perfect audio solution for your clients



• Voice evacuation standards compliance training

• An overview of standards compliance for voice evacuation systems

• EN54-4 / EN54-16 / EN54-19 / EN54-24


What you will gain from this session:

– An understanding of EN54 and its different parts

– Learn how South Africa has adopted this standard

– What is required to implement a fully compliant voice evacuation system

– Amazing new advanced features of the modern voice evacuation system

– Introduction to Biamp Vocia design & programming