• You want systems that make your job easier and your designs brilliant, reliable and cost-efficient. Biamp Systems has them.

    Vocia® — the distributed, networked choice for paging and voice evacuation.

    Audia® — the world’s most comprehensive Digital Audio Platform.

    Nexia® — the perfect- fit platform. Even the creative, easy-to-use daVinci™ software.

    Plus smart, reliable analog mixers and amplifiers. The more challenging the environment, the more you’ll appreciate Biamp.




    Tesira means “Founder” in Greek, one who leads and carries the vision for new possibilities. “Founder” also means everything that Tesira is. The inventor who sees with fresh eyes. The maker who puts it all together. The builder who lays the strong foundation. Tesira is the founder of a new world of opportunity, on a scale as big as you can imagine. Read more…

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    Biamp’s revolutionary Audia Digital Audio Platform seamlessly integrates powerful hardware and intelligent software for unheard of design and networking potential. Read more…



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    Vocia is more than the next-generation in Biamp DSPs. It’s a fundamentally new archetype. By leveraging current IT technology, Vocia delivers a superior alternative to the traditional architecture of centralized processing and routing. Instead, Vocia’s distributed networked approach gives you unprecedented scalability, flexibility and reliability. Read more…

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  • Biamp Nexia

    When Biamp launched the Nexia line, it was hailed as one of the coolest products of the year. Our exclusive NexLink digital audio bus lets you network units and features as needed without excess investment upfront. Read more…


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    We’ve manufactured superior amplifiers and mixers for over 35 years. Read more…


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    Biamp controls and accessories will compliment your installations, making them quicker and easier. Read more…


    In order to better and more efficiently serve our customers, all available manuals, schematics and software can now be downloaded from this page free of charge. This new feature is just one of the many ways Biamp is working to help you. Read more…