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Devio™ – Amplify Your Desktop

Devio is a collaboration tool for modern workplaces that brings Biamp’s full conference room audio to smaller spaces.

An idea that starts on the desktop or in a cubicle quickly becomes the subject of a spontaneous brainstorming session. In order to keep the conversation going, participants must be able to seamlessly move the discussion from the desktop and expand it into the huddle room. Devio is a natural extension of how people work every day, and can be used with any display, client application, or USB camera.

As a single-box solution, Devio comes packed with conferencing technology, doing all the work so you don’t have to. Its beamforming microphone has three 120-degree zones, providing full 360-degree coverage of the meeting space. The Devio microphone tracks and intelligently mixes conversation from around the table, allowing far-end conference participants to experience the conversation as it unfolds, providing a real-time, collaborative experience. Also included is our acoustic echo cancellation technology (AEC) to diminish echo and feedback, as well as noise reduction that dynamically monitors the room to lessen or eliminate unwanted background noise. The result is exceptional audio quality for call participants on the far end.


  • Uses standard Windows and Mac OS X audio drivers — no additional software, drivers, or applications are required to use Devio for audio conferencing
  • USB 3.0 allows a customer to plug into his or her laptop to use in-room technology for audio and video conferencing
  • 8-element microphone provides 360 degrees of coverage for clear, concise audio
  • Acoustic echo cancellation removes unwanted noise for natural, clear conversations on the far end
  • Compact design enables flexible installation and placement, including undermount
  • Offers simple pass-through HDMI connectivity, and supports up to two displays via DisplayLink USB graphics technology
  • Optimizes room audio via auto-setup feature
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

Devio Systems Administration Utility (SAU)

Devio is an AV technology that meets IT requirements for remote monitoring and control. We created the Devio System Administration Utility (SAU) to help technology managers see the current state of all Devio devices on the network, including status indicators for power, microphone connectivity, auto-setup, and USB connections. Support for the SNMP standard enables Devio to be managed alongside other network-connected devices.

How to Use Devio

With Devio, soft codec web conferencing with services like Skype®, Skype for Business® (Lync®), Citrix GoToMeeting®, Cisco WebEx®, Google Hangouts™, and other soft codecs is as easy in the huddle room as it is at your desk.

Versatile and easy to use, Devio integrates video output to HDMI displays and offers USB ports for connecting to other devices (like a USB camera) providing the flexibility to create your ideal huddle room set up. Here are just a few possibilities:


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